Air monitoring

Air monitoring

Disturbing asbestos containing materials releases asbestos into the air and once there, it can become a danger to health. Asbestos can be disturbed during refurbishment or repairs to a building, by accident during emergency removal, maintenance or repair work on asbestos containing materials (ACMs), and even by general wear and tear. The current regulations require asbestos to be managed with great care and therefore monitoring of asbestos in the air is needed in almost any situation where ACMs are to be removed or disturbed.

We offer different options for air monitoring, these include:


4-Stage clearance testing

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 state that a Certificate of Reoccupation is required for any notified asbestos removal work carried out under the terms of an HSE Asbestos Removal License.​ A Certificate of Reoccupation can only be issued after an analyst has completed a four stafe clearance.

Re-assurance monitoring 

Re-assurance monitoring can be used to ensure that an area is free from asbestos fibres.

Background monitoring 

Background monitoring can be used prior to any work taking place and can be very useful in discovering whether a problem is present before removal work takes place.

Personal monitoring 

Personal monitoring can be used to ensure that the person wearing the personal monitoring pump is adequately protected from any levels of airborne asbestos fibres that are present and to make certain that control measures in use are suitable and sufficient.​

We use specialised mobile laboratories which are able to be set up on site. Therefore, fibre counting can (in most cases) be carried out immediately following an air sample to give you an instant result. ​​

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