Bulk analysis


Asbestos sample testing


Bulk sample analysis is the process of identifying the six regulated types of asbestos by PLM ​(Polarised Light Microscopy). This method is suitable for all common asbestos-containing materials, and can distinguish between asbestos fibres and elongate mineral fragments or other materials in almost all situations.
Each fibre type recognised is sampled by selecting a few fibres or bundles and these are mounted in a refractive index liquid to match the most likely asbestos type. The fibres are then positively identified as one of the six regulated types on the basis of their detailed optical properties using polarised light microscopy.​

We are able to do all analysis in-house and all of our samples are analysed in accordance with HSG 248.
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We welcome requests from both private and public customers.

NG Associates (UK) Limited has two UKAS accredited laboratories for asbestos sample testing – Taffs Well and Hereford. We can process samples from £3.75 to £10.00/sample ex VAT, dependent on quantity and priority. Call 07853 161796 or email neil@ngassociates.org for a guaranteed competitive quote.

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